This Website is for Travel Agents Only

At Huntington, customer convenience is of utmost importance. We use the latest technological advances to provide optimal service to our customers.

Online Air Booking Engine
Travel agents can access our user-friendly system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to view and book our Net Fares. Once logged in, you will also be able to manage your past and current bookings through us. An online booking engine is only as good as the data loaded and entered into it. At Huntington, we believe we are the best at loading the most accurate data for fares and availability.

Online Hotel Booking Engine
Huntington provides a wide product range offering over 100,000 Net Rate Hotels to worldwide destinations. Huntington's Hotel booking engine provides instant availability and confirmation allowing you to complete a reservation in 3 minutes. All hotels are net rates which let you create your mark up for whatever profit you want instantly with no waiting for commission settlement from hotels directly.

Business To Consumer (B2C) Booking Engine
This B2C booking engine is a very valuable and powerful tool for a travel agencies web site. Huntington is pleased to be able to provide you a way to offer your customers the benefit of booking Net fares and Published fares themselves on your web site.

Third Party Systems
Technology is always changing and there is more and more technology software for travel agents to improve performance and make their jobs easier. Huntington aggressively participates in these third party system. The leading North American consolidator consortium, with Net Fares displayed from more than 80 major airlines. provides the travel agent with the ability to book client flights online. Net fares are now available to travel agents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Sirev SIREV/Revnet™ is a shopping and booking system for travel products used by thousands of travel agents all over Canada.