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Hotel Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I obtain access to book Hotels through

• Can I book Hotels over the telephone with Huntington?

• How many Hotels does Huntington offer?

• Are the currencies relevant to the country the Hotel is booked in?

• Are Huntington�s prices inclusive of all taxes?

• Are all Huntington Hotel Rates commissionable?

• Can Hotel Bookings be held on option?

• What methods of payment does Huntington accept for Hotel Bookings?

• Is there an advance purchase requirement to book Huntington Hotels?

• How do I search by Hotel Name?

• How do I sort my search results?

• How do I get more information on a Hotel offered through Huntington?

• When will I receive my Hotel voucher?

• What if I do not receive my Hotel voucher?

• What if my client has lost their Hotel Voucher?

• Can I create my own Hotel voucher to give to my client?

• How do I find my previous bookings or bookings currently on hold?

• How do I remove a Hotel from My Bookings section if I do not want it?

• Why on occasion are there identical Hotel properties with different prices shown?

• Who do I contact regarding a complaint for a Hotel stay booked through    Huntington?

• Can I cancel my Hotel Booking if I have already applied payment?

• Can my client obtain a refund or credit if he/she does not complete their full Hotel    stay?

• Can I change my Hotel booking after payment is applied?

• Do I receive Gift Card's for Hotels booked through Huntington?

• How do I know what the Check-in and Check-out times are for a Hotel?

• I have called the Hotel directly and they cannot locate my booking, what do I do?

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